D Bal Review & Results (w/pictures) “Are You On Steroids!?”

On my 18th birthday my parents gave me a set of dumbells which kicked off my passion for bodybuilding and fitness.

D Bal Before

I loved the feeling of lifting weights and how good I would feel afterwards but a few years later I realized I still looked like a stick on legs.

I’d take my whey protein, pre-workout and eat like a pig but really struggled to gain any muscle.

I wanted an impressive physique that men respected, and women dropped their panties for but it just wasn’t happening.

I almost bought steroids but decided I didn’t want my balls to shrink, acne all over my back and ‘roid rage’ to take over my life.

Steroid Side Effects

I’d rather be skinny than go through the side effects that steroids bring, thanks.

Then one day while I was looking online for a new workout plan, I saw an ad for this product called D Bal.

It’s classed as a ‘legal steroid’ and some say they’re getting jacked with it.

D Bal Results

And then this happened..

Russian Secret
Pic of someone calling it the Russian Secret

I saw someone call it ‘The Russian Secret’ and with a nickname like that I had to jump down the rabbit hole and find out more.

Here’s what I found out:

What Is D Bal And Why Are People Calling It ‘The Russian Secret’ Anyway?!

D Bal is a legal steroid alternative to a powerful anabolic steroid called Dianabol.

Bodybuilders inject Dianabol to pack on muscle fast but like all steroids it’s very risky and can send your health spiraling down the drain.

Side Effects Quote
Pic of dianabol side effects quote

D Bal boasts safe and natural ingredients designed to help you get steroid like results while dodging all the nasty side effects that usually come with using steroids.

Now, you might be thinking that a product made up of natural ingredients can’t be as powerful as real steroids though can it?

Well, before you underestimate D Bal, don’t forget it’s called ‘The Russian Secret’ for a reason.

And here’s why:

D Bal is loaded with an ingredient called Suma which contains a naturally occurring anabolic steroid hormone called Ecdysterone.

Russian soldiers secretly used Ecdysterone to get bigger, fitter, faster and stronger in order to crush their enemies.

And Russian athletes used it to make the competition look like a bunch of dweebs.

Russian Doping Scandal
Pic of Russian doping scandal

But what do the studies say?

One 10 week study on 46 healthy males who took a range of different fitness supplements including Ecdysterone concluded that:

“Significantly higher increases in muscle mass were observed in participants that were dosed with Ecdysterone.”


“significantly more pronounced increases in one-repetition bench press performance were observed.”

And Ecdysterone is completely safe!

“No increase in biomarkers for liver or kidney toxicity was noticed. These data underline the effectivity of an ecdysterone supplementation with respect to sports performance.”

The scientists concluded that Ecdysterone is so effective that it should be classed as an anabolic agent and be banned in all sporting competitions:

“Our results strongly suggest the inclusion of ecdysterone in the list of prohibited substances and methods in sports in class S1.2 “other anabolic agents.”

This means the main ingredient in D Bal is an anabolic steroidal hormone that provides steroid like results without the side effects!

The D Bal Ingredients - What Else Is In There?

After finding out why it’s called ‘The Russian Secret’ I wanted to find out what else is in D Bal and what I uncovered was very interesting..

The Suma Root containing Ecdysterone is the main ingredient in D Bal but here’s what else is in there:

Vitamin D3 (For Increasing Testosterone) – A year long study found that Vitamin D increased testosterone by almost 20% on average.

More testosterone means more energy, more confidence, better focus and faster muscle gains.

All anabolic steroids are just different forms of testosterone so by increasing it you can get better results in the gym.

Isoleucine (For Endurance, Muscle Recovery and Growth) – Isoleucine is an amino acid that’s been shown to give you more energy, speed up muscle recovery and gain muscle faster.

This means you can work out longer and recover faster so you can visit the gym more often and get results as fast as humanly possible.

Ashwagandha (Soothes Muscles and Boosts Energy) Ashwagandha helps to soothe sore muscles, speed up recovery and give you energy.

Jyoti Singh uses an Ashwagandha supplement says that his muscles are stronger and he has more energy:

D Bal Results 2

And David Felts says that his muscle aches are gone:

D Bal Results 3

Tribulus Terrestris (Boosts Testosterone) – There are tons of user reviews on Tribulus reporting some very impressive results.

For example, Carlos says it makes him feel stronger and gives him more energy:

D Bal Results 4

And Eric says it’s helping him build muscle and boosts his sex drive too!

D Bal Results 5

Steve P says that he doesn’t know if it has increased his testosterone but he’s definitely gained some muscle!

D Bal Results 6

Kory’s been taking it for 3 weeks and has noticed muscle growth and a boost in stamina!

D Bal Reviews

And Juan has also been using it for 3 weeks and says his muscles look and feel fuller!

D Bal Reviews 2

Conclusion On The D Bal Ingredients - Worth A Shot

After looking into the D Bal ingredients, I was impressed.

There’s real evidence that the Suma Root and Ecdysterone is natural steroidal hormone which confirms that D Bal works like a real steroid but without the side effects.

So, because I was sick of being a skinny little twig I decided that D Bal was worth a shot and I ended up buying 3 bottles!

How Does It Feel Using D Bal - ‘The Steroid Surge’

I can’t compare D Bal to the real stuff because I’ve never actually used steroids but I can say that when you take D Bal it feels like you’re on something..

Here’s some of the effects I felt:

  • Within days, my muscles felt fuller and tighter as if they were expanding.
  • I got out of bed in the mornings feeling wide awake and energized. (A complete change to my normal morning grogginess.)
  • My mood lit up and I felt happier.
  • I became more motivated than ever to work-out and do stuff in general. (I can often be quite lazy so this was a nice change.)
  • I felt super focused and more ‘in the moment’, especially while I was lifting weights.
  • At the gym I found the heavier weights easier to lift and I started doing more reps.
  • I felt like I could workout forever. My workouts went from lasting 30 minutes to well over an hour and often even longer.
  • I started getting massive pumps using D Bal. (I’d often leave the gym looking swole.)

Using D Bal is exactly how I imagined it would feel to use real steroids and I can tell you first hand that I didn’t experience any negative side effects.

My D Bal Results & Should You Get Some For Yourself?

I used D Bal for 3 months and this is what happened..

Doping Scandal
Pic of Russian doping scandal

I used D Bal for 3 months and this is what happened..

I don’t know exactly how much muscle I gained but when I look in the mirror now I’m much happier with what I see.

I have more confidence, get more attention from women and feel like life is so much better.

It blows my mind that I was working out for years and didn’t see any results and then I was able to do all this in just a few months using D Bal.

A friend asked me the other day if I was ‘on the juice’ because they couldn’t believe how swole I was looking compared to a few months ago.

I didn’t tell them I used D Bal because I feel like it’s my secret weapon and I didn’t want to share, so I just told them I had been bulking and lifting weights every day. 😉

D Bal worked better than I ever expected and is a safe shortcut to jacked city.

If you want to go beast mode during your workouts and pack on muscle fast then grab yourself some D Bal and get yourself to the gym!